Who is Adrian Meronk Girlfriend? All About Melania Bobrowicz

adrian meronk girlfriend

Who is Adrian Meronk girlfriend?

Melania Bobrowicz is the girlfriend of the professional golfer, Adrian Meronk. She was born in the 1990s, in Poland to undisclosed parents.

At a young age, Melania started getting interested in music. Her interest got stuck with her and became the reason behind her successful career. She learned more about music and other music-related stuff from an early age. This helped her to be a professional musician.

Melania is mostly known for being Adrian Meronk girlfriend. Besides that, she is also known for making music, producing songs, and being a composer.

Melania’s early life and education

A lot happened during Melania’s early age. At a small age, she got interested in music and dreamed of becoming one of the well-known musicians. From an early age, she was ready to live her dream, and this was the sole reason behind her early success.

Adrian Meronk and Melania Bobrowicz are paying with kangaroos in Australia
Adrian and Melania with Kangaroos.
Image Source: Instagram

While learning music from an early age, she attended the Gimnazjum Nr 32 school. She learned a lot of things from her school, and slowly music began to flow through her veins.

Completing her school was easy but getting into high school was more difficult for her. As she attended IX LO w Szczecinie, maintaining her music career got difficult. During those times, she had already started composing music.

These days, Bobrowicz is attending the University of Wollongong in Dubai. She will be graduating with a degree in hand next year.

Melania’s life as a musician

As a professional musician, Melania is finding it hard to be in the spotlight of the media. For musicians and composers, getting involved with the public gives them fame. But Bobrowicz is just the opposite of that.

Melania Bobrowicz is singing while her two band members are playing guitars
Melania and her band.
Image Source: Instagram

Tackling her fear, she has captured many hearts with her immense musical talent. Some of her fine music includes, “KWAS”, “SZEPT”, “WIERZ MI”, and “ONLINE”.

Besides composing music, Melania has also produced a few music as well. Her love for the music can be heard and surely it provides soothing to ears.

Metting Adrian and building a relationship

Metting Adrian was a tough course in Melania’s life. It is difficult for her to interact with people, and talking with Adrian was more than just a challenge. Yet, she somehow managed to talk to Adrian.

Adrian holds a lot of talent within himself and making Melania comfortable was one of the easy jobs for him. Slowly, the couple found themselves liking each other. They haven’t revealed the place they first met, but what matters the most is their love for each other.

Adrian Meronk and Melania Bobrowicz are watching a group of lion taking rest, while their eyes are filled with fear
Adrian and Melania with lions.
Image Source: Instagram

In the middle of the summer, Adrian Meronk began dating Melania Bobrowicz. Many people found music and golf a weird combo, but it didn’t stop the couple from loving each other. Recently, they completed their first year together. And it has never been a day for them without loving each other.

Maintaining a music career and managing time for relationships is quite difficult for Melania. Yet, she finds some ways to keep in contact with Adrian. Over the past year, Melania and Adrian have spent a lot of time together. This has helped them to build a better connection and bond.

Melania’s role in Adrian’s success

Melania stepped into Adrian’s life last year. She wasn’t with Adrian during his initial golf career. But it doesn’t mean, she hadn’t done anything over the past year.

Bobrowicz has been providing Adrian with constant support. She also helps him during his games. During the Masters Par 3 contest, she played the role of caddie for Adrian.

Therefore, her effort might be small. But her determination to see Adrian become a successful golfer is immense. She truly deserves to be the better half of Adrian.

Life today outside of the spotlight

Despite being in a relationship with a world-famous golfer, Melania manages a life outside of the spotlight. At the moment, she is pursuing a master’s degree.

Outside of that, she plans various adventurous vacations outside of her home country. She also loves to capture pictures of random people and mention them on her social media. Oftentimes time she raises money for some random needy people as well.


In summary, Melanian Bobrowicz is in love with a world-class golfer, Adrian Meronk. She is mostly known for having a relationship with Adrian. Aside from that, her talent in music has helped her to gain her status.


Who is Adrian Meronk dating?

Adrian Meronk is dating Melania Bobrowicz, a musician, song producer, and composer.

How did Melania Bobrowicz and Adrian Meronk meet?

Melania and Adrian met in the middle of the 2022 summer. They have been inseparable since then.

How old is Melania?

Melania Bobrowicz is in her early 20s.

What is Bobrowicz’s height and weight?

She is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs around 63 kilograms.

What is Melania’s ethnicity?

Melania Bobrowicz is of Polish ethnicity.

What are Melania Bobrowicz’s social media handles?

Melania’s social media are: Instagram and Facebook

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