Who are AJ Brown Parents? Arthur Brown and Josette Robertson

Who are AJ Brown parents

AJ Brown Parents: Arthur Brown and Josette Robertson

Arthur Brown Sr. (AJ Brown’s Father)

Arthur Brown is the father of the professional American footballer, AJ Brown. He has always been supportive of AJ and loves him very much.

Arthur Brown loved baseball, even though he encouraged his son A.J. to play both baseball and football. Arthur even built a special place in their backyard for A.J. to practice baseball. As A.J. grew up, he started to prefer football over baseball.

AJ Brown with his parents, Arthur Brown and Josette Robertson, while attending a charity event
AJ Brown during an awareness program
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But when A.J. started high school, things changed. He still liked baseball, but he found himself liking football more and more. He liked playing with his teammates, learning about the game, and the excitement of every play.

Arthur, always the good dad, saw his son’s growing love for football and never pushed baseball on him. Instead, Arthur fully supported A.J.’s new passion, offering advice and encouragement as he played. This support, along with the lessons learned in both sports, helped A.J. achieve his dream of playing in the NFL, the highest level of American football.

Josette Robertson (AJ Brown’s Mother)

A.J.’s mom, Josette Robertson, played a big role in his upbringing, alongside his dad Arthur. Their family was part of the 16th Section Missionary Baptist Church in Starkville, where his dad felt like they were surrounded by family.

Josette dedicated her life to being a homemaker and taking care of the family. She raised A.J. and two other children. She never got much time for herself, she remained devoted to her family more than making her own life.

Raising children and building a family

AJ Brown parents, Arthur Brown and Josette Roberston have been blessed with three children, two daughters Reva and Shareda Brown, and a son AJ Brown.

AJ Brown is the only son of the couple. He was born on June 30, 1997, in Starkville, Mississippi, USA. Currently, he is 26 years old. Furthermore, AJ is in a relationship with Kelsey Riley.

Similarly, there is no further information regarding AJ Brown’s siblings, Reva and Shareda Brown.


Who are AJ Brown’s parents?

Arthur Brown and Josette Roberston are the parents of the NFL player, AJ Brown.

Who are AJ Brown’s siblings?

AJ Brown’s siblings are, Reva and Shareda Brown. Both of them are his sisters.

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