Who is Alex Pereira ex-girlfriend? All About Merle Christine

alex pereira ex-girlfriend

Who is Alex Pereira ex-girlfriend?

Merle Christine is the ex-girlfriend of the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Alex Pereira. She was born in the late 1980s and is around 30.

Both Alex and Merle often used to visit numerous beautiful places and enjoy quality time together. They also shared a lot of snaps of their vacations on their social media accounts.

Merle was a TV presenter and interviewer. But after some time of doing hard work as a TV presenter and interviewer, she decided to open a YouTube channel.

Metting Alex Pereira and building a relationship

Merle met Alex Pereira for the first time when she was working as an interviewer. She had an opportunity to interview Alex, which later led to a romantic relationship.

Merle Christine is working out in the gym and sweating
Merle Christine.
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During those days, Alex was a kickboxer. With his talent and skill, he was able to manage to win some games and also Merle’s heart.

Both Merle and Alex had shared a strong bond. They had also known each other for a very long time. Most of the time, Merle traveled with Alex and they barely spent time without each other.

Have Alex Pereira and Merle Christine separated?

Yes, Alex and Merle are no longer together. They separated their path for their good. The couple broke up at the end of December 2023.

After the separation, an online fight began between the two. Alex while clarifying his side said that Merle was already in a relationship with someone else while dating him.

Merle on the other hand didn’t like the response of Alex. In her defense, she writes, “Lol. Hurt man are really trying to invent whatever. Obviously, I was married in the past, (Alex was too) but I got separated before I started a relationship with Alex”.

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Merle Christine.
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According to Merle, she divorced her ex-husband before getting into a relationship with Alex. Also, Alex is just making up things in his defense.

Later, Merle ended her side writing, “I broke up with Alex btw, and if I would start to speak about the reasons here it wouldn’t end good guys. Peace out.”

After Merle’s last statement, everything has gone to normal. Both Merle and Alex haven’t talked about it any further since then.

Who has Alex Pereira dated in the past?

Before dating Merle, Alex was married. Alex, however, hasn’t disclosed any information about his ex-wife.

In December 2022, Alex announced on his Instagram that, he divorced his wife two years ago. This was a shocking moment for his fans as most of his fans didn’t expect this.

Since everything had already happened a year ago, the news faded within a few weeks. Thereafter, everything went back to normal in Alex’s life.

Alex Pereira has two sons

From the previous marriage, Alex has been blessed with two sons. His sons’ names are: Alessandro Vidal Silva and Lohan Vidal Silva.

Alessandro was born in 2011 and is 13 years old. Similarly, Lohan was born in 2013 and is 11 years old. Both of them have almost similar faces to his father. They both also love to spend time with their father.

During Alex’s divorce from his wife, his children lived with him. But there is no information, if his children are still living with him.

Merle career

Merle, Alex Pereira’s ex-girlfriend, is an outstanding woman. She has many years of experience as a TV presenter and interviewer.

She began working as a TV presenter when she was in her mid-20s. But it seems that she is no longer working as a TV presenter.

In 2016, Christine made a YouTube channel named FIGHTology. Her YouTube channel is all about MMA, Kickboxing, and Boxing. She has uploaded around 42 videos till now and continues making more videos.

Who is Alex Pereira?

Alex Sandro Silva Pereira is a Brazilian professional mixed martial artist and former kickboxer. Currently, he competes in the Light Heavyweight division in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

According to Esportes, Pereira had a rough childhood, from dropping out of middle school to working as a bricklayer assistant. He has also worked in the tire shop. Later, Alex became an alcoholic, which made his life even more rough.

In 2009, Alex wanted to change his life, so he started training kickboxing. He was able to get rid of his alcohol addiction and also got many other opportunities in kickboxing.

Since the beginning of Alex’s career, he achieved numerous titles and honors. Here are some of them listed below:

  • 2012 the WGP 85 kg/187 lbs Championship.
  • 2013 the WAKO Pro Panamerican K-1 85 kg/187 lbs Champion.
  • 2015 the WGP Kickboxing Middleweight Champion.
  •  2017 the Glory Middleweight Championship and defended it five times.
  • 2023 the Glory Hall of Fame.
  • UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.
  • Former UFC Middleweight Champion, etc

Likewise, Alex earned many fans for his outstanding career. He also made a fortune out of it, getting numerous brand deals. As of 2024, according to EssentiallySports, Alex Pereira’s net worth is $2 million.


Is Alex Pereira dating?

No, Alex Pereira is single. He was previously dating Merle Christine.

How many children does Alex Pereira have?

Alex Pereira has two sons, Alessandro Vidal Silva and Lohan Vidal Silva, from his previous marriage.

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