Who is Alica Schmidt Boyfriend? Fredi Richter or Robin Schembera

alica schmidt boyfriend

Alica Schmidt boyfriend: Alica Schmidt is a well-known track athlete from Germany. She started her athletic journey in 2017 and still going strong.

Over the past seven years of her career, she has earned significant achievements that include her being part of the national team. She brought a silver medal in the 4×400 meters relay event at the 2017  European Athletic U20 Championship and a bronze medal in the same discipline at the 2019 European Athletic U23 Championship.

While her professional life has been going smoothly since the start of her career, is it going the same for her romantic life? Let’s explore the article to dive into more about her relationship and past life.

Alica Schmidt: Profile

  • Full Name: Alica Megan Schmidt
  • Date of Birth: November 8, 1998
  • Birthplace: Worms, Germany
  • Age: 25 years old
  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches
  • Weight: 55 kg / 121 lbs
  • Social Media: Instagram, Twitter

Who is Alica Schmidt boyfriend?

The renowned track athlete, Alica Schmidt has been linked with the German bodybuilder and fitness coach, Fredi Richter. However, none of them have confirmed dating each other.

The rumors regarding Alica dating Fredi began spreading when they were seen together in 2018. At that time, Alica was living in Potsdam, Brandenburg. But it didn’t stop there, they both were seen many times after that.

The rumors become even more truthful for the public when they often begin to spot together. Interestingly, most of the Alica Instagram pictures are taken by Fredi. To add more points to this, Fredi has also shared many pictures of Alica Schmidt on his social media.

Lastly, the rumor got even stronger, when they both were spotted kissing each other in public. So, summing up all this, it is assumed that, Alica and Fredi are dating each other. However, they aren’t open about their relationship with the public.

Besides bodybuilder and fitness coach, Fredi is a photographer too

While searching more on Fredi, it was found that he is a photographer too. He has shared many portraits on his social media handles. Among those portraits, he has posted a lot of pictures of Alica Schmidt.

Similarly, Fredi Richter has been bodybuilding for a very long time. He has also taken a lot of snaps with Alica while flexing his muscles. On top of that, they go to the same gym and train together.

Fredi’s bodybuilding passion has helped him to gain all the recognition he has today. Linked with Alica has helped him a lot but the bodybuilding part has helped him to make a better career.

Doing bodybuilding for a very long time, he got an opportunity to learn a lot of things related to fitness. Eventually, it helped him get a job as a fitness coach for the German football team, Borussia Dortmund.

Who has Alica Schmidt dated in the past?

Alica has not dated anyone in the past but she has been linked with a German middle-distance runner, Robin Schembera.

The rumors about them dating each other didn’t remain for long. But it has impacted a lot in Alica’s dating life. Since she was questioned many times if she was dating Robin Schembera.

Besides that, there have not been any rumors or any confirmation from Alica dating anyone in the past.

What does the future hold for Alica Schmidt?

Alica Schmidt is one of the best track and field athletes. She started her athletic journey by getting second place in the 4 x 400 meters relay event at the 2017 European Athletics U20 Championships. So, there is no doubt her, she will face any backlash in her career any time soon.

Relationships might be her priority at the moment. But since she has been keeping her personal life low profile, she is more focused on her career and doesn’t want her relationship to be focused more.

At this moment, Alica is happy where she is. Besides that, nothing has mattered to her the most. She is gradually gaining fame and making her country proud with her wins.


In summary, Alica has not confirmed her relationship with Fredi Richter. But the evidence that has been presented says the other way. Since she has not confirmed it herself, nothing can be said, even providing evidence.

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