Brandon Nakashima Parents: Wesley and Christina Nakashima

brandon nakashima parents

Brandon Nakashima Parents: Wesley and Christina Nakashima

The professional American tennis player, Brandon Nakashima is the son of Wesley Nakashima (father) and Christina Nakashima (mother).

His parents have played a vital role in making his career successful. Brandon’s father, Wesley, took him to training and practicing tennis. At the same time, Christina supported Brandon through his tennis career.

They both have played their role as parents very well. The fact Brandon is getting closer to becoming one of the best tennis players says it all. He has been playing tennis in the pro league for four years now and has showcased his skills.

According to Brandon, the best advice he received from his parents is, “Work hard, stay on the course and good things will happen”. This has a greater impact on making discipline in his life.

Wesley Nakashima

Wesley Nakashima, Brandon Nakashima’s father, was born in California in the 1970s. He belongs to the Japanese American ethnicity as his father was American, while his mother was Japanese.

Brandon Nakashima with his brother, Bryce Nakashima and father, Wesley Nakashima, when he was eight years old
Brandon, Bryce, and Wesley Nakashima.
Image Source: Instagram

Pharmacist by profession, Wesley has been one of the big supporters of Brandon’s tennis career.

These days, Wesley is seen supporting his son from the stands. Sometimes, Brandon’s whole family gathers together to watch his matches.

Christina Nakashima

Christina Nakashima, Brandon Nakashima’s mother, was born in Vietnam in the 1970s. She moved to the US along with her family, when she was just five years old.

Brandon Nakashima with his mother, Christina, and brother Bryce Nakashima, when he was eight years old
Christina, Brandon, and Bryce Nakashima.
Image Source: Instagram

Mrs. Nakashima shares the same profession as a pharmacist with her husband Wesley. They both love their work and have been the biggest supporter of their family.

She helped Brandon to take part in tennis tournaments from an early age to sharpen his skills. As a mother of Brandon, Christina never doubted him and pushed him to live his dream.

Wesley and Christina raised Brandon in San Diego

Wesley and Christina come from two different ethnicities. Thus, Brandon Nakashima belongs to the Japanese American ethnicity.

Brandon was raised in San Diego along with his brother Bryce Nakashima by his parents. His brother, Byrce is walking in his footsteps and is very close to becoming like him.

Brandon and Bryce are hugging each other while maintaining a beautiful smile
Brandon and Bryce Nakashima.
Image Source: Instagram

During Brandon’s early age, Brandon’s grandfather also helped him to train for tennis. His grandfather used to take him to the park to play tennis when he was three years old. This helped him get interested in playing tennis more and more.

Who is Brandon Nakashima?

Brandon Nakashima, also known as B-Nak, is a professional American tennis player. He began playing tennis when he was three years old, which later became his career.

He went to the High Bluff Academy in Rancho Santa Fe. Later, he enrolled at the University of Virginia. And this is when Brandon’s tennis career began to take sharp turns.

During his junior career, he was ranked no. 3 in the world. He also won two titles on the International Tennis Federation junior circuit.

In 2019, Brandon turned professional and began to step up closer to becoming one of the best tennis players. In 2022, he won the Next Generation ATP. As of 2024, he is ranked no 127 in the world.

Over the past many years, Brandon has won several tennis games and won tons of prize pools. As of 2023, Brandon Nakashima’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

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