Who is Jabari Smith Jr Dad? All About Jabari Smith Sr.

jabari smith jr dad

Who is Jabari Smith Jr dad?

Jabari Smith Sr. is the father of the NBA player, Jabari Smith Jr. Jabari Sr. was born on February 12, 1977, making him 46 years old.

Like his son, Jabari Sr. was a professional American basketball player himself. He played for five seasons in the NBA and delivered brilliant gameplay. These days, his son, Jabari Smith Jr., is making his presence inside the court.

Full NameJabari Montsho Smith Sr.
Date of BirthFebruary 12, 1977
BirthplaceAtlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Height6 ft 11 in (2.11 m)
Weight250 lb, 130 kg
WifeTaneskia Purnell
Social MediaFacebook, Instagram

Unfortunately, after five years of playing in the NBA, Jabari Smith Sr. had to retire as he got injured during a game.

Jabari Smith Sr., during his years in the NBA, played for multiple teams. That includes the Detroit Pistons, Orlando Magic, and New York Knicks. Currently, he is working as a basketball analyst at ESPN Network.

Jabari Smith Sr.’s early life and education

According to Jabari Smith Sr’s Facebook profile, he grew up and spent his whole childhood in Atlanta, Georgia. He received basic education from his home and completed his preschool.

Jabari Smith is holding a small trophy while holding sweating a lot
Jabari Smith Sr.
Image Source: Facebook

Later, Jabari Sr. attended Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta. After graduating from high school, he enrolled at Atlanta Metropolitan State. He studied there from 1996 to 1998, and earned a degree in physical education, according to his Facebook profile.

Again, in 1998, he enrolled at Louisiana State University. In 2000, he graduated from the college, and earned a degree in sociology, according to his Facebook profile.

Jabari Smith Sr. is a former NBA player

According to US Basketball, Jabari Smith Sr. was drafted into the NBA in 2000 by the Sacramento Kings. At the age of 24, he started his career in the NBA.

Jabari Smith Jr dad, Jabari Smith Sr. played for five years in the NBA. In the 2001-02 season, he also played for the Philadelphia 76ers.

He was a promising player and had set tons of records. But everything was changed after his last game in the NBA. Jabari Sr. was seriously injured during his match in the 2004-05 NBA season and had to retire from the NBA.

Now, his son, Jabari Smith Jr., is walking in his footsteps. This is one of the proudest moments for Jabari Smith Sr., seeing his son achieve success in the NBA.

Is Jabari Smith Sr. married?

Jabari Smith Sr. is currently single. Rather than investing time in getting into a relationship, he is more engaged in his son’s games. Thus, he has not been linked to anyone romantically at the moment.

Jabari Smith Sr. was married to Taneskia Purnell

Jabari Smith Jr parents, Jabari Sr. and Taneskia Smith met in college. The couple fell in love with each other shortly after meeting. They then started their romantic relationship, making tons of memories.

Jabari Smith Jr. is hugging his mother, Taneskia Purnell, while celebrating his victory
Jabari Smith Jr. and Taneskia Smith.
Image Source: Instagram

Right after getting drafted into the NBA, Jabari Smith Sr. married his long-time girlfriend, Taneskia Smith in 2000. They invited a few of their friends and relatives to their wedding. The wedding was grand and one of the best moments of their life.

Taneskia and Jabari Smith Sr. were a happy married couple for 15 years straight. But things began to tremble between them after they celebrated their 15 wedding anniversary. They couldn’t withstand each other anymore and wanted to get a divorce for their good.

Jabari Smith Sr. and Taneskia Smith divorced in 2017

Living for more than 15 years, Jabari Smith Sr. and Taneskia Smith wanted to get a divorce because things began to worsen between them. In 2017, the divorce between Jabri Smith Sr. and Taneskia Smith settled.

Despite the divorce, they remain close for the sake of their children. They often used to visit each other and made sure they provided love and care for their children.

Jabari Smith Sr. and Taneskia have two children

Jabari Smith Sr has two sons, Jabari Smith Jr. and A.J. Smith with Taneskia Smith. Their children have an impressive career. Both A.J. and Jabari Junior have made their parents proud by achieving success at such a young age.

Jabari Smith Sr is celebrating his son Jabari Smith Jr game victory
Jabari Smith Sr. and Jabari Smith Jr.
Image Source: Instagram

The couple’s first child, Jabari Smith Jr. was born on May 13, 2003, and is 20 years old. He is a professional basketball player for the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

On the other hand, A.J. Smith was born on March 12, 2006, and is 17 years old. He is a high school basketball player for South Pointe High School in Rock Hill, South Carolina. He is considered a five-star recruit and a potential NBA draft pick in the future.

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What is Jabari Smith Sr.’s net worth in 2024?

Jabari Smith Jr father, Jabari Smith Sr. had a modest career during his time in the NBA. He managed to earn enough amount of money for himself from the prize money and the brand endorsement deals during his playing time.

In the meantime, he is taking care of his sons and making deals with brands for his son. In that process, he has also earned a lot of money. As of 2024, Jabari Smith Sr.’s net worth is around $5 million. He is living his best life with his sons.


Who is Jabari Smith Jr.’s father?

Jabari Smith Sr. is the father of the NBA player, Jabari Smith Jr.

Where was Jabari Smith born?

Jabari Smith Jr.’s dad, Jabari Smith Sr was born in Atlanta, Georgia.

When was Jabari Smith Sr. drafted?

The Sacramento Kings drafted Jabari Smith Sr. in the NBA in 2000.

What position did  Jabari Smith Play?

Jabari Smith played in the position of Power Forward/ Center.