Who are Jake Oettinger Parents? Chris and Kateri Oettinger

jake oettinger parents

Who are Jake Oettinger parents?

Jake Oettinger was born to Chris Oettinger and Kateri Oettinger. His parents played a vital role in shaping his career. From nurturing to providing him with the value of hard work, they made him a fine man.

Both Chris and Kateri became the pillars of Jake’s career. They supported and pushed Jake to be a better version of himself. But everything scattered for Jake, when his mother passed away.

It was a devastating moment for Jake and Jake’s family, seeing one of his pillars falling. He did everything in his hand to save his mother, but he failed.

Similarly, Chris and Kateri were divorced. So, Chris got married to Kelly Oettinger.

Chris Oettinger: Jake Oettinger Father

Jake Oettinger’s father, Chris Oettinger’s full name is Christopher Max Oettinger. He is one of the reasons behind Chirs’ successful ice hockey career.

Chris Oettinger is hugging his daughter Victoria Oettinger on the occasion of her birthday
Chris Oettinger with his daughter, Victoria Oettinger.
Image Source: Instagram

When Jake was 12, his father noticed his ability to play as a goalie. He from the start knew, his son Jake could be a wonderful ice hockey goalie. He then started encouraging Jake to take part in ice hockey tournaments.

This eventually led Jake to be a fine ice hockey player. Jake also credits Chris for his support. He could have not achieved success without his father’s support.

Often, Jake and Chris meet outside at a cafe. In a recent Facebook post of Chris, he has shared a picture of him with Jake and her daughter Victoria, while having dinner at a restaurant. Chirs looks very happy to see his children.

Similarly, Chris has moved to different countries in the past. According to his Facebook profile, in 1976, he moved to Argentina. After three years of living in Argentina, he then moved to Brazil. Currently, he is back in his home country, America.

Kateri Oettinger: Jake Oettinger Mother

Jake Oettinger’s mother, the late Kateri Oettinger a.k.a. Kateri Kay Lindberg was born on November 6, 1967. She was the daughter of Robert and Vioka Tidrick.

The late Kateri Oettinger is holding her dog named Otto, while giving a big smile
Kateri Oettinger.
Image Source: Instagram

According to White Funeral Homes, Kateri attended Park Center High School. She graduated from the high school in 1986. Later, she earned a degree from the University of Minnesota.

Like Chris, the late Kateri also supported Jake’s career. She also encouraged and supported Jake throughout his career. She enlightened him with motivation and walked together with Jake through the road to success.

Sadly, on June 20, 2021, Kateri Oettinger passed away unexpectedly. She was 53 at the time of her death. Kateri’s death brought unimaginable sadness to her family.

Jake on the other hand couldn’t play a few of his ice hockey matches. He also didn’t come out of the house for several days. During Kateri’s funeral speech, Jake said, “My mom was precious to me. But now I have lost her forever.”

Jake and Kateri Oettinger divorce

Jake and Kateri were truly in love with each other. But they couldn’t withstand each other after several years of their marriage.

Around 2010, Kateri and Jake Oettinger got divorced. They separated their paths for their own good. Since then, Kateri raised her three kids all alone.

Kelly Oettinger: Jake Oettinger Step-mother

Kelly Oettinger is stepmother to Jake Oettinger. Despite being step-mother, the whole Oettinger family has accepted Kelly with all their heart. She couldn’t replace Kateri, but she is doing everything to bring back the happiness of the Oettinger family.

Chris Oettinger is hugging his second wife, Kelly Oettinger
Chris and Kelly Oettinger.
Image Source: Facebook

Similarly, Jake got married to Kelly Oettinger, around 2011. They have got along and help each other in taking care of their children.

On June 1, 2023, Chris shared a picture of him with Kelly on his Facebook account. Both of them look happy in the picture.

Who are Jake Oettinger’s siblings?

Jake Oettinger has four siblings, Victoria, Jackson, Kendall, and Thomas Oettinger.

The whole Oettinger family are having fun together that includes, Chris, Kateri, Kendall, Jackson, Victoria, Thomas, Robert, and Vioka
The whole Oettinger family.
Image Source: Instagram

Victoria and Jackson Oettinger were born from, Jake’s biological parents, Kateri and Chris Oettinger. While Kendall and Thomas Oettinger were born to Chris and his second wife, Kelly Oettinger.

Victoria Oettinger

Victoria Oettinger is the older sister of Jake. She was born on May 21, 1995, making her 28 years old. In November 2022, she got engaged to her long-time boyfriend.

Jackson Oettinger

Jackson Oettinger is the older brother of Jake. He was born on October 7, 1997, making him 26 years old. Currently, he is working at Inspire Medical Systems as a clinical research associate.

Kendall Oettinger

Kendall Oettinger is the half-sister of Jake. She was born on March 3, 2012, making her 12 years old. She is an active personality, who loves to eat ice cream and loves to spend time with her siblings.

Thomas Oettinger

Thomas Oettinger is the half-brother of Jake. He was born in 2014, making him ten years old. Like Jake, he is also interested in ice hockey and wants to become like Jake.

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