Who is Kyler Murray Girlfriend? All About Morgan LeMasters

Kyler Murray girlfriend Morgan LeMasters biography and relationship timeline

Morgan LeMasters, Kyler Murray girlfriend, is an entrepreneur who sells her own beauty and fashionable products. Besides that, she is a former cheerleader and dancer.

Kyler and Morgan have been together since high school. They have gone to many different places and spent some quality time together. It has now been around a decade since they have known each other.

Similarly, Kyler Murray is a professional NFL player. In 2019, he was drafted into the NFL by the Arizona Cardinals and till today he is playing for them. In 2023, Murray again signed a contract worth $230.5 million with the Cardinals for fours.

So, who is Kyler Murray’s girlfriend? Let’s explore the article to learn everything about Morgan LeMasters and her relationship with Kyler.

Morgan LeMasters: Profile

  • Full Name: Morgan LeMasters
  • Date of Birth: 1998
  • Birthplace: Texas, USA
  • Age: 25 years old
  • Height: 5 feet 5 inches
  • Weight: 58 kilograms
  • Boyfriend: Kyler Murray
  • Social Media: Instagram, Twitter
  • Last Updated: December 2023

Who is Kyler Murray Girlfriend?

Morgan LeMasters is the girlfriend of the Arizona Cardinals quarterback, Kyler Murray. She was born in 1998, in Texas, USA.

Murray’s girlfriend, Morgan is a former dancer and cheerleader. During high school and college, she cherished her dancing skills.

Currently, Morgan is working on her own beauty product business and does marketing through her Instagram. She has around 13k fan followers on her Instagram and is considered a social media influencer.

Kyler Murray and Morgan LeMasters’ relationship timeline

The professional NFL player, Kyler Murray, has known Morgan LeMasters since high school because both of them shared the same high school Allen High School in Texas.

Since both of them had known each other since high school days, they already were very close friends. Slowly their friendship started to turn into love and eventually fell in love with each other.

Morgan LeMasters is kissing on her boyfriend Kyler Murray cheek, while Murray is smiling
Kyler Murray and Morgan LeMasters
Image Source: Twitter

Arizona Cardinals star Kyler Murray began dating Morgan LeMasters in 2018. However, the couple kept their relationship private till 2021.

In June 2021, Morgan LeMasters posted a picture of her with her boyfriend Kyler and announced her relationship with him. However, she couldn’t stand the pressure of the media and the public after she announced her relationship with Kyler. So, she private her Instagram account.

As of now, both Kyler and Morgan are silent about their relationship. They haven’t posted about their relationship for a very long time and it has raised a lot of questions about their relationship.

Have Kyler Murray and Morgan LeMasters Separated?

Kyler Murray and Morgan LeMasters announced their relationship through an Instagram post in June 2021. But since then no more posts about their romantic relationship have been seen. Even, Kyler hasn’t posted anything related to his relationship.

In October 2019, Kyler Murray commented on one of the posts of Morgan LeMasters on Twitter. He wrote, “Goooooooo then :(“. This suggested that their relationship was going through a lot of bad times. Later, the post was deleted by Morgan.

So, looking at all the scenarios from the past, people have been speculating that, Kyler Murray and Morgan LeMasters are no longer together, and have separated on good terms. But, Kyler and Morgan haven’t confirmed anything about it, so nothing can be said about it at the moment.

Who are Morgan LeMasters’ Parents?

Morgan LeMasters, Kyler Murray girlfriend, was born to her parents, Carl W. Henderson Sr., while there is no information regarding her mother.

Her father, Carl, was a commander in the US Navy and served for many years. However, not much is known about his current profession.

LeMasters’ mother is from South Korea and moved to the USA to seek a better opportunity and have a better life.

Morgan LeMasters’ academic journey

Kyler Murray girlfriend, Morgan LeMasters attended Allen High School in Texas. According to many sources, she was a brilliant student during her high school days.

Morgan LeMasters is driving a car
Morgan LeMasters
Image Source: Instagram

After completing her high school, she enrolled at Pratt College. She graduated from college in 2018.

Morgan LeMasters Career

Morgan LeMasters is a multifaceted professional who has worked in various fields. She currently holds the position of a district manager at Cheddars, a casual dining restaurant chain.

Kyler Murray girlfriend, Morgan is also an entrepreneur who runs her own beauty business, selling hair extensions and other products.

Before pursuing her career goals, she was a skilled dancer and cheerleader in her school and college days. She was a member of the Panthers cheerleading team, which represented Cheers Athletics Plano, a competitive cheerleading program.

What is Morgan LeMasters’ Net Worth in 2023?

Morgan LeMasters, Kyler Murray girlfriend, is a versatile woman. She used to be a cheerleader and dancer and is currently an entrepreneur. So, she has gained a fortune out of it.

As of 2023, Morgan LeMasters’ net worth is around $1.5 million. Morgan LeMasters’ net worth is not publicly available, it is all based on her current professional and business.


How old is Morgan LeMasters?

Morgan LeMasters is 25 years old.

How tall is Morgan LeMasters?

Morgan is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

How much does Morgan weighs?

Morgan weighs around 58 kilograms.

Who is Kyler Murray dating?

The professional NFL player, Kyler Murray is dating his high school friend, Morgan LeMasters.

Who is Kyler Murray sister?

Precious Murray is the sister of Kyler Murray.

How did Kyler Murray and Morgan LeMasters meet?

Kyler and Morgan met at Allen High School. They were both students there.

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