Who is Marcus Morris Wife? All About Amber Soulds

marcus morris wife

Who is Marcus Morris wife?

Amber Soulds is the wife of a professional American basketball player, Marcus Morris. She was born on July 14, 1989, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Marcus’ wife, Amber, is the executive director of the Family Over Everything Foundation. The foundation aims to assist single parents, children, youths, and many other underserved people.

She has been the constant pillar of support in Marcus’ life. She has dedicated her whole life to taking care of her children and building a better environment for them.

Amber’s early life and education

When it comes to sharing personal information, Ambers has always remained quiet. She barely has spoken anything related to herself and her family.

Amber Soulds is playing with her younger child
Amber and her son.
Image Source: Twitter

As for education, Soulds attended the University of Phoenix. She holds a bachelor’s degree, but she hasn’t shared about the subject she majored in.

Only a few of her friends and family know about her history. Amber has kept a low profile, as she doesn’t want to appear in the spotlight. She has always been supporting Marcus from his behind. And that is what matters the most to her.

Meeting Marcus Morris and building a relationship

The couple, Marcus and Amber, haven’t shared much about their love story. They have always been silent when it comes to sharing about their romantic life.

Putting that aside, Marcus has created a strong bond with Amber. They have been working on their relationship for a long time. There has also never been news about their relationship, as they don’t share much.

Marcus Morris and Amber Soulds’ wedding

According to one of Amber’s Facebook posts, she got married to Marcus Morris on August 2, 2022. Many people were confused if the couple was married or not. But Amber’s post has now cleared all the confusion among the people.

Marcus Morris is carrying his older child while Amber Soulds is carrying her younger child
Marcus and Amber with their children.
Image Source: FOE Foundation

They were in a relationship for a very long time, and getting married was one of the joyous moments for the couple. Recently, they celebrated their first wedding anniversary. Also, they recalled the moment when they first met. Amber and Marcus said that they had never thought they would come this far together.

Raising her two children

Marcus Morris and Amber Soulds have been raising their two children. They have a son named Marcus Morris Jr., but they haven’t shared much about their second child.

Their first child, Marcus Morris Jr. was born on July 20, 2018, and is 5 years old. He loves to be carried by his father and spends a lot of time with him. The second of the couple was born in September 2020 and is three years old.

Amber Soulds is speding some quality times with her two sons
Amber and her two sons.
Image Source: Instagram

Both of Amber’s children get special treatment from their grandma, Thomasine Morris. Thomasine loves to play with her grandchildren. It has helped Marcus and Amber get some rest from their parenting life.

Amber Soulds career

Right after graduating from college, Amber started living with Marcus Morris. She didn’t pursue any career and devoted herself as a homemaker.

In 2017, the Morris family established the Family Over Everything Foundation. That is when Amber was given the post of executive director of the foundation. Over the past years, Amber has been supporting the non-profit organization with their projects.

The foundation has helped many families, children, youth, and many underserved communities. And being a major part of the organization makes Amber a grateful person.

Who is Marcus Morris?

Marcus Morris, Amber Soulds’ husband, is a professional American basketball player. The Houston Rockets drafted him into the NBA in 2011.

Over the past years, Morris has played for various NBA teams. That includes the New York Knicks, Boston Celtics, Detroit Pistons, Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Clippers, and Philadelphia 76ers. Currently, he is playing for the Philadelphia 76ers since 2023.

Marcus has completed 12 years of playing in the NBA. In those 12 years, he has set many records. Some of his remarkable accomplishments are Big 12 Player of the Year, First Team Big 12, Big 12 All-Rookie Team, and many more.


Is Marcus Morris married?

Yes, the NBA player, Marcus Morris, is married to Amber Soulds.

How tall is Amber Soulds?

She is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Who is Marcus Morris’ son?

Marcus Morris has two sons, Marcus Morris Jr, while he hasn’t shared the name of another son.

Where does Marcus Morris live?

Marcus Morris is living in Boca Raton, Florida with his wife Amber Soulds.

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