Who is Tyrese Maxey Girlfriend? All About Lavender Briggs

Who is Tyrese Maxey girlfriend, Lavender Briggs

Lavender Briggs, Tyrese Maxey girlfriend, is a professional basketball player herself. She began her journey as a basketball player during her high days at Mountain View High School.

Tyrese Maxey and Lavender Briggs have been dating for a year now. They have been barely spotted together in public, yet their love has been flourishing every day.

Similarly, Tyrese Maxey is a professional NBA player, playing for the Philadelphia 76ers as a shooting guard. He was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers in 2020 and since then he has set tons of records.

This article is all about Lavender Briggs and her relationship with Tyrese Maxey. So, let’s explore the article and learn about them.

Lavender Briggs: Overview

  • Full Name: Lavender Briggs
  • Date of Birth: June 23, 2001
  • Birthplace: Newburgh, New York, USA
  • Age: 22 years old
  • Height: 6 feet 1 inch tall
  • Weight: 69 kilograms (152 pounds)
  • Boyfriend: Tyrese Maxey
  • Social Media: Instagram and X
  • Last Updated On: November 2023

Who is Tyrese Maxey girlfriend, Lavender Briggs

Lavender Briggs is the girlfriend of the professional basketball player, Tyrese Maxey. She was born on June 23, 2001, in Newburgh, New York, USA.

Lavender Briggs is laughing while wearing the jersey of her current team, the Maryland Terrapins
Lavender Briggs
Image Source: Instagram

The athlete’s girlfriend, Lavender, is a basketball player herself. She has set and achieved tons of records during her collegiate games.

Tyrese Maxey and Lavender Briggs’ relationship timeline

The professional basketball players, Tyrese Maxey and Lavender Briggs’ relationship began in 2022.

Tyrese Maxey and Lavender Briggs got to know about each other from their basketball careers. Since both of them share the same interests, they crossed paths.

Slowly, their friendship turned into a close friend and eventually a lovebird. The couple began dating in 2022 and since then they have been going strong as ever.

Tyrese and Lavender rarely share or talk about their relationship in public. However, they are seen enjoying their quality time and going on numerous vacations.

Who are Lavender Briggs’ parents?

Tyrese Maxey girlfriend, Lavender Briggs is the daughter of the couple, mother June Caffaro, and father Mr. Briggs.

Lavender Briggs mother, June Caffaro is enjoying 2018 Christmas
Lavender Briggs’ mother June Caffaro
Image Source: Instagram

According to June’s LinkedIn profile, she is the head of underwriting at TSYS ProPay a Global Payments Company. She has gained experience in this field since 2012. Other than that, she is a bodybuilder.

Similarly, there is no information regarding Lavender’s father, Mr. Briggs. There are many rumors that he might either have left the family or has passed away.

Who are Lavender Briggs’ siblings?

The professional basketball player, Lavender Briggs has two brothers named Darrian Briggs and Stefan Briggs. Both Lavender brothers are older than her.

Lavender Briggs with her mother June Caffaro and her brothers Darrian and Stefan Briggs enjoying 2018 Christimas
The Briggs family
Image Source: Instagram

Darrian Briggs had been playing basketball since an early age. He even tried playing in the collegiate basketball team. Since he lacked some skills, he couldn’t pursue a professional basketball career.

Stefan Briggs on the other hand began playing American football at the age of 5. He even played and trained himself during his high school years. But his dream of becoming an American footballer scattered after he was injured harshly during one of his football matches.

Lavender Briggs’ academic journey

Tyrese Maxey girlfriend Lavender Briggs was born in New York. However, the Briggs family found it hard to sustain their life in New York.

So, Lavender’s parents moved to Utah along with Lavender, when she was seven years old. The surroundings of Utah were amusing for her and she loved enjoying every moment there.

Mrs. Briggs then attended Mountain View High School. After two years, she was transferred to another high school named Provo High School and continued her high school there. During her high school years, Briggs also enjoyed playing long tennis.

In 2019, Lavender attended the University of Florida. She graduated with a degree in Applied Science and majoring in Educational Science in 2022.

Later, Briggs attended the University of Maryland for her further studies. She is continuing her academic year there.

Lavender Briggs career

Lavender Briggs is a professional basketball player, who plays for the Maryland Terrapins, a NCAA Division I team.

The beginning of Lavender Briggs began in her high school years. In Mountain View High School, she got a chance to be on her high school basketball team. Fortunately, Briggs was able to score 1057 points in 37 games. Looking at her performance, she was then transferred to Provo High School.

In 2019, she continued her basketball career playing for the Florida Gators. She scored pretty well as a Florida Gators player. So, she continued her career, even after graduating from her college.

Later, Briggs joined the University of Maryland and began playing for the Maryland Terrapins. She began playing there in 2022 and has also done pretty well. So, she earned honors in Academic All-Big Ten.

What is Lavender Briggs’ net worth in 2023?

Tyrese Maxey girlfriend, Lavender Briggs has been playing basketball since her high school days. However, she has turned it into a career recently, after she started playing for the Maryland Terrapins.

As per the reports from ESPN, Lavender Briggs net worth is around $100,000. She has been evolving every day, making a greater impact on her life.

Lavender Briggs (Tyrese Maxey girlfriend) profile

  • Lavender Briggs was born on June 23, 2001, and is 22 years old.
  • She was born in Newburgh, New York, USA, and holds the nationality of America.
  • Mrs. Briggs is 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs around 69 kilograms.
  • Lavender has a pair of black eyes and black hair.
  • She has faith in Christianity and belongs to a mixed ethnic background.

People Also Ask

Who is Tyrese Maxey dating?

The professional basketball player, Tyrese Maxey is currently dating Lavender Briggs. She is a professional basketball player herself.

What is Tyrese Maxey’s salary?

Tyrese Maxey signed a contract for $12,152,560 for four years with the Philadelphia 76ers. So, his annual salary is around $3,038,140.

Does Tyrese Maxey have a sister?

The Philadelphia 76ers shooting guard, Tyrese Maxey, has three sisters named Denasia, Talia, and Keiara Maxey.

How old is Tyrese Maxey?

Tyrese Maxey is 23 years old, born on November 4, 2000.

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