Roquan Smith Wife: Is Roquan Married to Abella Danger?

roquan smith wife

Who is Roquan Smith wife?

The professional basketball player, Roquan Smith, is single and has never been married before. He has also not talked much about his relationship publicly.

Roquan has been a linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens since 2022. He has been playing in the NFL for five years and has to achieve more. So, instead of focusing on relationships, he is more into making his career successful.

Whenever Roquan is asked about his relationship status, he most of the time tries to avoid it. He doesn’t want to be questioned about his relationship. Rather want to be asked about his games and performance.

Is Roquan Smith dating Abella Danger?

Roquan Smith has never confirmed dating any women in the past. But he has been linked with an adult film actress, Abella Danger, in 2020.

Abella Danger is swimming and having fun with her friends
Abella Danger.
Image Source: Instagram

The two were expected to be dating when Roquan shared a story on his Instagram with Abella Danger’s picture. This sparked the theory among the fans that they both are dating. But neither of them has ever confirmed their relationship.

In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Roquan was on a boat with Abella. They were having fun and enjoying their party. That’s when Roquan snapped a picture of Abella and uploaded it on his Instagram account. Since the incident, the two have never been spotted together again.

As said earlier, Roquan is not interested in getting into a relationship. Rather, he will focus on his games and enjoy his youth.

Who is Roquan Smith?

Roquan Daevon Smith is a Pro Bowl linebacker. He was born on April 8, 1997, in Mount Vernon, Georgia. Currently, he is 26 years old.

Roquan Smith is wearing his Baltimore Ravens jersey, holding a football, and smiling
Roquan Smith.
Image Source: Instagram

The Chicago Bears drafted him in the NFL in 2018. Since the beginning of Smith’s career, he has shown his presence with some mind-blowing game plays.

Over the past years, he has earned many awards and honors. Some of them include the 2022 Pro Bowl, the 2022 Butkus Award, and many more. These days, Smith is playing for the Baltimore Ravens.

Roquan was raised by his single mother, Shaquana

Roquan was born to his mother Shaquana Thomas and his father Roderick Smith. But his father left the house shortly after his birth. So, Roquan and his siblings were raised by his single mother, Shaquana.

Raising four children and providing them with comfort was one of the challenging things, according to Shaquana. But being a mother, nothing matters much rather than the children’s happiness.

Unlike other athletes, Roquan’s childhood wasn’t very pretty. He and his family had to tackle many obstacles. Roquan’s mother somehow manages the household. Thus, Shaquana has played a vital role in making Roquan’s career a success.

Roquan has three siblings

The NFL player, Roquan was raised by his mother, along with his three siblings, Omah, Rod, and Tyana Smith. They all four had to face many challenges. Despite facing numerous challenges, they stood straight.

Roquan Smith is wearing a suit and giving an attitude look
Roquan Smith is 26 years old.
Image Source: Instagram

When it comes to making Roquan’s football career, his siblings have also contributed a lot. After Roquan’s mother, his siblings are the ones to support him, despite the difficulties.

Roquan career: From zero to hero

Early years

  • Started football at 6 years old.
  • Coaches needed to prove he wasn’t too old to play.
  • Played high school football in Georgia.
  • Planned to play for UCLA, but chose the University of Georgia.

College career

  • Played at Georgia under coaches Richt and Smart.
  • Improved each year, making more tackles.
  • Won many big awards in his junior year. That includes the Butkus Award and many more.
  • Instead of playing his senior year, he entered the NFL Draft.

Professional career

  • Drafted by the Chicago Bears in 2018.
  • Had some issues signing his contract at first.
  • Made many big tackles and played in many games for the Bears.
  • In 2022, traded to the Baltimore Ravens.
  • Made a record of 21 tackles in one game for the Ravens.

Insane Roquan Smith’s net worth

Smith has gained an impressive wealth through his NFL career in the past few years. The boy whose family had to face financial issues has come very far.

In 2023, Roquan Smith’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million. Besides his career, he also earns from brand endorsement and business ventures.


Is Roquan Smith married?

No, Roquan Smith isn’t married to anyone. But he has been linked with an adult film actress, Abella Danger, in the past.

Where did Roquan Smith come from?

Roquan comes from Mount Vernon, Georgia, US.

How many games has Roquan Smith missed?

Overall, Roquan has missed four games.

How much money did Roquan Smith get?

Roquan signed a contract with the Ravens worth $100 million for five years.

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