Who is Ryan Whitney Wife? All About Bryanah Whitney

ryan whitney wife

Who is Ryan Whitney wife?

The former NHL player, Ryan Whitney is married to Bryanah Whitney. Bryanah was born on May 15, 1990, and is 33 years old.

Bryanah is a media personality, businesswoman, yoga instructor, and lifestyle blogger. Other than that, she also appeared in a reality TV show when she was 14 years old.

Despite having multiple personalities, many know her as the wife of a former NHL player. She is one of the inspiring women for young women and girls. Similarly, she is the mother of two kids, she yet manages both her personal and professional life with ease.

Bryanah was raised in Stoughton, Massachusetts

Bryanah Whitney was born in Stoughton located within the state of Massachusetts. She was raised by her parents, Brian and Lynne Bascon. Her family was supportive and she grew up in a small community. Most of her childhood was playing and having fun with her siblings, Brianna and Brandon Bascon.

Ryan Whitney and Bryanah Whitney are holding each other hand and have a big smile on their faces
Ryan and Bryanah Whitney.
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Growing up, Bryanah was a class president at Stoughton High School, where she also used to compete in athletics. She was an intelligent and sporty student who performed well in both academics as well as sports. Besides that, she also had a great interest in music and drama.

According to Bryanah Whitney’s LinkedIn profile, she enrolled at Northern University in 2008. She graduated from the University in 2013, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication and media studies.

Metting Ryan Whitney and building a relationship

Bryanah Bascon and Ryan Whitney got connected in 2012 when they were both residing in Boston. They met through a friend and kicked off their relationship immediately. Since both of them shared common interests, their bonding got even stronger.

Ryan and Bryanah became lovers and quickly found out that they were made for each other. They also got a dog named Finn and started living together. They had a dream team relationship where they championed each other’s careers and hobbies, spending quality time together. The couple also visited several destinations like Hawaii, Italy, and Mexico.

Similarly, Ryan and Bryanah had to go through a lot of obstacles when they were dating. Some of the obstacles in that way include Ryan’s retirement from hockey in 2015 and Bryanah’s autoimmune disease diagnosis in the year 2016. However, the couple remained together despite the challenges they faced. Thus, this tells about their bonding and connection.

Ryan and Bryanah Whitney’s wedding

Ryan Whitney and Bryanah Bascon’s marriage took place at a secret ceremony under the green bridge on Neponset Riverwalk in Massachusetts. Leading their guests to think they were going to an engagement party. The couples were hilarious, and their family and friends had an unforgettable night.

On June 17, 2017, Ryan and Bryanah’s wedding took place. It was a gorgeous and intimate occasion for them. The bride sported a beautiful lace dress in white while the groom had on a navy blue suit. They promised each other, swore their rings, and kissed under a floral arch. They then held hands and went straight to the Wollaston Golf Club, where they astonished their visitors with this revelation.

The couple have celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary. Over the past many years, they have spent many quality times, trying to understand each other.

How many children do Ryan and Bryanah Whitney have?

Ryan Whitney and Bryanah Whitney have two children named Ryder and Wyatt. Ryder was born on 19 October 2018 and Wyatt was born on July 22. They are very cute and active boys.

Ryan Whitney is sending his son to their preschool
Ryan Whitney with his son.
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Both Ryan and Bryanah are devoted parents balancing work life with family. They treat their children as equals and teach them vital lessons in life. They also post their cute and hilarious moments with them on social media.

Ryan and Bryanah also introduce their kids to hockey, yoga, and the game of golf. They bring them to matches, lessons, and lectures for them to discover their abilities or interests. They also accompany them to various locations and introduce them to diverse cultures and norms.

Bryanah Whitney career

According to Bryanah Whitney’s LinkedIn profile, she has worked in numerous companies since September 2010.

From September 2010 to January 2011, Bryanah worked for Kraft Sports Group as a premium seating $ special event/game day intern. She worked there for around five months.

In June 2011, Mrs. Whitney began working for Reebok as a marketing and merchandising coordinator. She worked there till January 2013.

For another year and six months, Bryanah worked at Jack Morton Worldwide as a project coordinator. She joined in January 2013 and resigned in June 2014.

In June 2014, she worked at Consensus Interactive as a digital account manager. She worked there for around one year and 11 months.

In March 2016, Bryanah became a yoga instructor at 200 Hour RYT. She is still working there and has worked for over eight years now.

According to Bryanah Whitney’s LinkedIn profile, she founded Bree Bascon Consulting. She is also a marketing consultant for her company. She has been running her business for more than seven years now.

Bryanah was on a reality show

Bryanah Whitney was a contestant on a reality TV show called Endurance 3: In Hawaii. She and her partner Monroe Gierl were both on the yellow team. On the island of Kauai, they went against other teenage teams in various physical and mental challenges. They reached the semi-final, only to lose in The Temple of Fate.

The show was broadcast in 2004, Bryanah’s age being fourteen at the time. Although she was one of the youngest and smallest participants, she turned out to be a tough smart contender. She was also able to demonstrate her charisma and make friends with other contestants. She had a great exciting time during the show and learned from it.

However, she maintains communication with some cast and crew members occasionally sharing memories of the Show on social media. Bryanah also enjoys watching the show with her husband and children, while laughing at their own teen self. And she is proud of this particular achievement and grateful for the opportunity.

Who is Ryan Whitney?

Ryan Whitney is an American former professional ice hockey player. Currently, he is working as an analyst on the NHL network. He also works as co-host of the Barstool hockey podcast.

In 2004 Ryan was drafted into the NHL by Pittsburgh Penguins. Then, he played for many teams over the past 11 years. He played for the Modo Hockey before his retirement.

Ryan had a great NHL career and because of this, he got a job as an analyst for the NHL network. By working actively since 2004, Whitney has been able to make a fortune. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ryan Whitney’s net worth is $12 million.


Is Ryan Whitney married?

Yes, Ryan Whitney is married to Bryanah Whitney.

How old is Bryanah Whitney?

Bryanah Whitney, Ryan Whitney wife, age is 33 years old.

How many children does Ryan Whitney have?

Ryan Whitney have two sons, Ryder and Wyatt.

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