Who is Vladimir Guerrero Jr Wife? All About Nathalie

vladimir guerrero jr wife

Who is Vladimir Guerrero Jr wife?

Nathalie is the wife of the professional baseball player, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. She is the manager of the Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Foundation, a non-profit organization.

She grew up in Canada but later moved to America. She then started living with Vladimir. Similarly, she is the mother of two kids and takes care of them very well.

Nathalie has been carrying many responsibilities on her shoulders. From maintaining the foundation to taking care of her family. Yet she manages both of her works with ease.

Nathalie’s early life and education

Nathalie was born and raised in Canada. She was born in the 1990s, making her around 20s. However, she has kept information regarding her family close to her heart.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr with his wife, Nathalie and daughter, spending some quality times
Vladimir and Nathalie with their daughter.
Image Source: Instagram

Nathalie attended a neighborhood high school in Canada. During her high school days, she excelled in lectures and sports. She also enjoyed singing and dancing and participated in cultural events and competitions.

After completing high school, Nathalie enrolled in a prestigious university in Canada, studying business administration and management. During her college years, she gained some valuable skills and experience in marketing, finance, accounting, and leadership.

Meeting Vladimir Guerrero and getting married

The professional American baseball player, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. met Nathalie online through a mutual friend. They started chatting and developed feelings for each other shortly after.

After some time of chatting, the couple decided to meet in person. So, they met in person and went on their first-ever date. With that, their relationship began in 2018.

Vladimir and Nathalie are attending a charity event with their daughter
The Guerrero family.
Image Source: Instagram

Nathalie and Vladimir dated for five years and supported each other through thick and thin. Interestingly, they also shared a common passion for baseball and often attended games together. Besides that, the romantic couple also traveled to many places and spent some quality time together.

Similarly, Nathalie and Vladimir Jr. kept their marriage private. But their marriage came to the surface after, Hazel Mae, a TV sports broadcaster, tweeted about their wedding. Hazel Mae in her tweet writes, “Congratulations to Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and his longtime girlfriend, Nathalie. The happy couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony earlier this month.”

According to Hazel Mae’s tweet, Nathalie and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. got married in March 2023. The couple will be celebrating their first marriage anniversary in the upcoming March.

Nathalie gave birth to two children

The MLB player, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has been blessed with two beautiful daughters with his wife, Nathalie. His daughters’ names are, Vlaishel and Vlaimel.

Vlaishel was born on August 12, 2018, and Vlaimel was born on August 1, 2017. Vlaimel is older than Vlaishel by a year.

Nathalie is devoted to caring for her children. She often takes pictures with her daughters and uploads them on her Instagram account. She also teaches them about sports and encourages them to be an athlete like their father, Vladimir Jr.

Similarly, Vladimir is a proud and loving father. Even though he has a busy schedule, he takes some time out to spend it with his adorable daughters. Oftentimes, he takes them to games and introduces them to his teammates and fans.

Nathalie career

Nathalie, Vladimir Guerrero Jr wife, is a successful woman, who has a career of her own. She works as the manager of the Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Foundation. It is a non-profit organization that aims to help children, youth, and their families in the areas of sports, education, health, and the environment.

Nathalie is responsible for the operations, finances, marketing, and fundraising of the foundation. She also manages and coordinates with staff, volunteers, partners, and beneficiaries of the foundation. So to provide aid to people, she often organizes events and also attends programs.

When it comes to helping people, both Nathalie and Vladimir Jr. are passionate about it. According to Vladimir Jr., he wants to bring positive difference in the world. Similarly, Nathalie is also a role model and inspiration to many young women and girls.

Who is Vladimir Guerrero Jr.?

Vladimir Jr. is a Canadian-Dominican baseball player for the Toronto Blue Jays. His dad, Vladimir Sr., was a super good baseball player in the past. Vladimir Jr. got into baseball from his dad and started playing young.

He joined the Blue Jays as a teenager and started playing with the big guys in 2019. Now, he’s one of the best players in baseball, winning lots of awards. He’s known for being friendly, hitting super hard, and helping others.


Is Vladimir Guerrero Jr married?

The MLB player, Vladimir Guerrero Jr is married to his long-time girlfriend, Nathalie.

How many children does Vladimir Jr. have?

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has two daughters with his wife, Nathalie. His daughters’ names are, Vlaishel and Vlaimel.

When was Vladimir Guerrero Jr wedding?

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. married his wife Nathalie in March 2023.

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