Who are Mia Yim Parents? Know More About Them

mia yim parents

Who are Mia Yim Parents?

Mia Yim’s parents are Mr. Bell and Mrs. Bell. Both Mr. and Mr. Bell haven’t shared their names. Also, Mia hasn’t shared anything besides a picture of them.

According to IMDb, Mia Yim’s father, Mr. Bell is of African-American descent, while her mother, Mrs. Bell belongs to Korean descent. So that makes Mia of a mixed race.

Similarly, Mia is an outstanding wrestler, who has excelled in her career. She has made her parents proud with her remarkable career.

Besides wrestling, Mia often spends time with her parents. She has also shared snaps of her parents on her social media, showcasing her love for them. Mia has won the hearts of her parents and also of her fans with her skills and talents.

Mr. Bell: Mia Yim’s father

Mia Yim’s father, Mr. Bell belongs to African-American ethnicity. His father was of African descent, while his mother was from America.

Mia has shared tons of pictures of her father on her social media. During the 2023 Christmas, she posted a picture of her with him and wished Merry Christmas to her fan following.

Mr. Bell is playing a guitar and is surrounded by numerous guitar
Mr. Bell.
Image Source: Instagram

In 2022, she uploaded a snap of her father, Mr. Bell on Father’s Day on her Instagram. She writes, “Happy Father’s Day to the best dad could ever ask for “.

During an interview, Mia Yim shared that her father was very strict toward her during her childhood. According to her, it was because of Mr. Bell’s work. But it did help her to be disciplined and learn adequately.

Furthermore, Mr. Bell served in the U.S. military and most of the time was stationed out of the country. When he retired from the military, he got an opportunity to work as an FBI special agent. During his serving as an FBI special agent, he went on many operations. That includes; finding gangs, missing and exploited children, and cyber operations.

Mrs. Bell: Mia Yim’s mother

Mia Yim’s mother, Mrs. Bell was born in Korea. Her family moved to the USA when she was young. She then spent the rest of her childhood in the USA.

Mrs. Bell keeps a low profile. On top of that, Mia also doesn’t share much about her mother. However, Mia has shared a couple of pictures of her mother on her Instagram.

Mrs. Bell is posing like a model in her house
Mrs. Bell.
Image Source: Instagram

Similarly, Mrs. Bell devoted her whole in taking care of her children and husband. Her husband maintains the financial stability of the house while she takes care of it.

Mrs. Bell has also played a vital role in making Mia Yim’s career. She helped Mia to push her limit and become a wrestler. Both Mia Yim’s parents support her career.

Mia Yim was raised in Los Angeles

Mia Yim was raised by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bell in Los Angeles. She spent most of her childhood playing with her sister, Kris Yim.

Mia Yim is hugging her sister Kris Yim, when both of them were very little
Mia Yim with her sister, Kris Yim.
Image Source: Instagram

After Mia’s parents, Kirs is the one who supports Mia with all her heart. They often meet each other and have fun together. They have also shared tons of pictures of them enjoying their moment together on their social media.

Interestingly, Kris and Mia both have almost similar faces. So distinguishing them gets difficult sometimes. Thus, both of them praise and support each other.

Mr. and Mrs. Bell are the pillars of Mia’s career

Mia Yim has an incredible career. However, there were some times when Mia backlash in her career. She couldn’t decide how to handle the situation.

During that moment, Mia sent a message to her father. She opened up about this event during an interview. She said, “I’m sorry that I failed you, I should have done better this time.”

It was a devasting moment for her father but he handled this situation pretty well. He helped Mia to regain her confidence by motivating her and showcasing her talents. Thus, the reassurance from Mr. and Mrs. Bell helped Mia to feel better and the power to tackle the situation.


Who are Mia Yim’s parents?

Mr. and Mrs. Bell are the parents of the professional wrestler, Mia Yim.

Is Mia Yim biracial?

Yes, Mia Yim belongs to a mixed race as her father comes from the African-American race while her mother comes from the Korean race.

Are Keith Lee and Mia Yim still married?

Yes, Keith Lee and Mia Yim are still married.

Why did Mia change her name to Michin?

No, Mia didn’t change her name to Michin. Michin is just another nickname called by her mother.

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