Who are Arthur Fils parents? Jean-Philippe and Anne Fils

Arthur Fils parents are Jean-Philippe and Anne Fils

Who are Arthur Fils parents?

Jean-Philippe Fils and Anne Fils are the parents of the professional tennis player, Arthur Fils. They have been the pillars of strength and inspiration for Arthur.

From an early life, Arthur has been watched by his parents. When he was five, his parents saw potential in him to become a wonderful tennis player. Beginning from that day, they always encouraged and supported him through his tennis career.

In an interview, Arthur said, “Don’t be afraid of anyone, that’s the way my parents raised me.” This statement reflects that his parents have taught him to deal with any situation no matter what. Arthur’s performance tells a lot about it.

Jean-Philippe Fils (Arthur Fils’ father)

ArthurFils’ father, Jean-Philippe Fils, was Arthur’s first tennis coach. Jean-Philippe in his younger days, played basketball. He was one of the most talented athletes in his town.

Arthur Fils is on the way way to hit a shot with his tennis bat during a tennis match
Jean-Philippe and Anne Fils son, Arthur Fils.
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Later, Jean-Philippe took up tennis as a hobby and fell in love with it. He introduced Arthur to tennis when Arthur was just five years old. Jean-Philippe taught Arthur all the basics of tennis.

Meanwhile, Jean-Philippe saw a lot of potential in Arthur, encouraging Arthur to try other sports as well. These included judo, football, swimming, and athletics. These sports helped Arthur develop physically and mentally.

Therefore, Jean-Philippe is very proud of what Arthur has achieved. He often goes to Arthur’s matches to support him. This has helped Arthur to be confident with his games.

Anne Fils (Arthur Fils’ mother)

Arthur’s mother, Anne Fils, is his number one supporter. She has been pushing Arthur to be the better version of himself since Arthur’s early age.

Even though Anne isn’t into sports, she loves supporting Arthur’s tennis career. She handles most of the family’s travel plans, stays, and meals.

Anne also helps Arthur with his online studies. Arthur is still young and needs to complete his studies. While Anne is present there for him, it has been a great help for Arthur.

Meanwhile, Anne shares a close bond with Arthur and often motivates him. She loves to watch his matches and celebrate his wins. Her support is a key part of Arthur’s success.

Arthur Fils was raised in France

The professional tennis player, Arthur Fils was born in Bondoufle, France, on June 12, 2004. He’s the second child of Jean-Philippe and Anne Fils.

Arthur Fils has an older brother and a younger sister. Similarly, he started playing tennis at a local club in Saint-Michel-sur-Orge. His family loves sports and wishes for a better future in tennis for him.

In 2019, he moved to the French National Training Center. There, he got professional coaching and training. Now, he lives in Paris and trains at the Mouratoglou Academy. His journey is a testament to his commitment and hard work.


Who are Arthur Fils’ parents?

Jean-Philippe and Anne Fils are Arthur’s parents.

What is Arthur Fils’s nationality?

Arthur Fils is a French citizen and he represents in international competitions.

Does Arthur Fils have siblings?

Yes, Arthur Fils has two siblings, an older brother, and a younger sister.

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