Who is Taylor Fritz Son? All About Jordan Fritz

taylor fritz son

Who is Taylor Fritz son?

Jordan Fritz is the only son of the professional tennis player, Taylor Fritz. He was born in January 2017, making him seven years old.

Currently, Jordan is attending a local school in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Both Taylor and Raquel are taking care of their only child. The family often used to go on vacation and spend some quality time together.

Taylor has also shared a lot of snaps of Jordan on his social media handles. But he hasn’t had any snaps of his sons recently. The last he posted a picture of himself with his son Jordan was on 2021 Christmas Eve.

Jordan Fritz is being raised in California

Jordan Fritz was born in Rancho Palos Verdes, California to Taylor Fritz and Raquel Pedraza. He is being raised by both his mother and father. During Jordan’s birth, Taylor was 20 years old.

Taylor Fritz is hugging his son, Jordan, while Jordan Fritz is laughing out loud
Taylor and Jordan Fritz.
Image Source: Instagram

These days, Jordan barely makes any public appearances. Even his father hasn’t uploaded anything about him on social media for the last two years.

Currently, Jordan is living with his mother Raquel Pedraza. He often visits his father as well. But most of the time, Jordan is with his mom, since Taylor is too busy with tennis.

At the age of 12, Taylor Fritz met Raquel Pedraza

Jordan Fritz’s parents, Taylor Fritz and Raquel Pedraza met each other on the tennis court in 2009, when Taylor was just 12 years old. Shortly after meeting each other, Taylor and Raquel became very close friends.

Taylor Fritz and his ex-wife, Roquel Pedraza are spending some quality together at a restaurant
Taylor Fritz and his ex-wife Roquel Pedraza.
Image Source: Instagram

Raquel and Taylor Fritz often trained together. Slowly, they both started liking each other. Their friendship turned into a relationship when they were still in their teenage.

The professional tennis player, Taylor Fritz dated Raquel for a few years, before proposing to her. He proposed to his girlfriend, Raquel Pedraza, with a beautiful ring, beside the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It was a memorable moment for the couple.

Later, on July 7, 2017, Taylor Fritz tied the knot with Raquel Pedraza. Just a few months after their son’s birth.

Taylor Fritz and Raquel Pedraza separation

Taylor Fritz and Raquel stayed together for a long time. But as time passed, their marriage came to an end. In December 2019, Taylor and Raquel got divorced.

Taylor Fritz is attending a tennis event with his girlfriend, Morgan Riddle
Taylor Fritz and Morgan Riddle.
Image Source: Instagram

Despite the separation, they came to a mutual understanding to take care of their son, Jordan, together. Sometimes, Jordan is seen spending time with his father, while some time with his mother. Both Pedraza and Fritz are co-parenting their only child.

Right after the divorce, Pedraza moved to her parent’s house, located in Fountain Valley, California. She is still continuing her tennis career professionally.

Taylor, on the other hand, is dating an internet star and media director, Morgan Riddle. He often posts pictures of himself with Morgan.


Does Taylor Fritz have children?

Taylor Fritz has a son named Jordan Fritz, with his ex-wife, Raquel Pedraza.

Did Fritz leave his wife?

Yes, Taylor Fritz divorced his ex-wife, Raquel Pedraza in December 2019.

Who is Raquel Pedraza?

Raquel Pedraza is a professional tennis player. But she is widely known as Taylor Fritz’s ex-wife.

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