Who are Austin Barnes Parents? Dennis and Stephanie Barnes

Austin Barnes parents biography

Ever wonder who cheers the loudest for MLB star Austin Barnes? Look no further than his parents, Dennis and Stephanie Barnes.

While they might not have been on the field themselves, Dennis and Stephanie have always loved baseball. They totally supported Austin’s dream of playing ball, even when he was young.

Speaking of Austin, his full name is Austin Scott Barnes, and he’s a catcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He played college ball at Arizona State and even helped the Dodgers win the World Series in 2020.

Not only can he catch, but he can also play other infielder positions. Did you know he even suited up for the Mexico national team?

Lots of fans love to know more about their favorite players’ lives off the field. And guess what? One of the most common questions about Austin is all about his family. So, in this blog, we will learn about Austin Barnes parents. Let’s explore the blog without any further delay.

Who are Austin Barnes parents?

Dennis and Stephanie Barnes are the parents of Austin Barnes. They are parents of their four kids, while Austin is the oldest among his siblings.

Austin Barnes with his parents Dennis and Stephaine Barnes and his siblings Dylan, Griffin, and Savannah on a field trip
Austin Barnes with his parents Dennis and Stephanie Barnes and his siblings Dylan, Griffin, and Savannah.
Image Source: Instagram

Born on December 28th, 1989, in Riverside, California, his passion for baseball started early. You could say it was a home run from the beginning.

By 2024, Austin is 34 years old and a proud American. He honed his skills at Riverside Polytechnic High School, even leading his team as captain during his senior year. After high school, he took his talents to Arizona State University, keeping the baseball dream alive.

In 2011, Austin’s hard work paid off. He was drafted by the Miami Marlins in the eighth round of the MLB Draft, officially launching his professional baseball career.

Dennis Barnes: Austin Barnes Father

We all know Austin Barnes is a star catcher, but who’s his biggest cheerleader? That would be his dad, Dennis Barnes.

Dennis Barnes is hugging his son Austin Barnes, while they are attending a party
Dennis Barnes and Austin Barnes.
Image Source: Instagram

Born on March 26, 1966, Dennis comes from a multicultural family background, but one thing’s for sure: his love for his son runs deep.

Austin Barnes’ father, Dennis is 58 years old. Similarly, he’s been a huge influence on Austin’s success. Dennis has always been there to support and encourage Austin’s baseball dreams, playing a key role in his journey to the MLB.

Stephanie Barnes: Austin Barnes Mother

Austin Barnes might be the one catching pitches on the field, but his mom, Stephanie Barnes, is the one catching all his wins off the field.

Austin Barnes attending a party with his mother Stephaine Barnes, while both are having fun together
Austin Barnes with his mother, Stephanie Barnes.
Image Source: Instagram

Stephanie is not just any baseball mom, though. She is Mexican-American and has been cheering on her son (and her three other kids) for years.

For over ten years, Stephanie has worked as a hairstylist at Ivy Salon & Spa in California, but her true passion seems to be supporting her family.

Fun fact: Stephanie’s brother is actually former MLB player Mike Gallego. Looks like sportsmanship runs in the family.

Stephanie was born on June 19, however, her exact age is not known, judging by photos, she seems to be in her 50s. And let’s just say she’s one proud mama. She has four children with her husband Dennis – Austin, Dylan, Griffin, and Savannah – and all of them seem to be doing great things. Now that’s a home run for Mom.

Austin Barnes and his Super Supportive Parents

Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Austin Barnes isn’t just a baseball star, he’s also got a super close family. His parents, Dennis and Stephanie, have always been his biggest fans, cheering him on from the stands.

Stephanie, Austin’s mom, might have had a few butterflies when her son first started chasing his baseball dreams. But her Mexican heritage also played a big part in Austin’s life. In fact, she even supported his decision to play for Team Mexico in the 2023 World Baseball Classic.

Between Dennis and Stephanie’s constant encouragement and Stephanie’s cultural influence, it’s clear Austin’s family has been a huge part of his success. He definitely owes them a big thanks for helping him become the amazing player he is today.


Who are Austin Barnes’s parents?

Austin Barnes is the son of Stephanie and Dennis Barnes.

What is Austin Barnes’ net worth in 2024?

As of 2024, Austin Barnes’ net worth is estimated to be around $7 million, according to Spotrac.

Who are Austin Barnes’ siblings?

Austin Barnes has three siblings, two brothers Dylan, and Griffin, and one sister Savannah Barnes.

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