Is David Goggins Married? Past Relationship, Wives, Children

Is David Goggins married

David Goggins has been married thrice but before diving into his personal life, let’s know about him. Mr. Goggins is a retired Navy Seal, ultra-endurance athlete, motivational speaker, and best-selling author.

He was blessed by the couple Trunnis and Jackie Goggins. He was born into a poor family and had a struggling childhood and faced racism, abuse, and many more.

Yet, he overcomes everything and stands out differently than others. It was all the result of his perseverance, and determination to change his life.

Is David Goggins Married?

As of October 2023, the professional runner and cyclist, David Goggins is currently engaged to Jennifer Kish. They have been engaged for three years now and the days continue.

However, Goggins was previously married to three women, Pam Goggins, Aleeza Goggins, and Kate Goggins. Since their marriage couldn’t withstand the difficult times, they got separated.

On top of that, David has never been a biological father. Instead, he is the father to the daughter of Aleeza Goggins from her previous marriage.

David Goggins’ Relationship with Pam

Not much is known about David Goggins’ relationship with Pam as he likes to keep his personal life out of the media. However, he has talked about getting married to Pam in his book.

The exact date of their relationship and marriage is not known, but they got separated in 2003. It was one of the worst times for David as this was his first marriage.

According to his book ‘Can’t Hurt Me’, he has disclosed that he has been blessed with a daughter with Pam.

David Goggins’ Relationship with Aleeza Goggins

The Japanese lady, Aleeza Goggins is the second wife of the professional runner and public speaker, David Goggins.

David Goggins previously served in the Navy. When he was stationed in Japan for his service, he came across Aleeza Goggins in the 2000s. Aleeza herself was serving in the Navy and was stationed in Japan.

Shortly after meeting for the first time, David and Aleeza began dating. They dated around for five years before committing themselves to a marriage.

In 2005, David Goggins married his first wife, Aleeza Goggins in a private wedding. Only a few of their friends and relatives attended their wedding.

David and Aleeza Goggins’ Separation

The initial stage of David and Aleeza’s marriage was full of joy. But as they spent two years together, their marriage began to shake.

In 2007-08, David and Aleeza got separated and walked their own path. According to David, he divorced Aleeza as there was lesser and lesser physical intimacy.

Right before their separation, Aleeza underwent some sort of surgery, while David was caught in an accident. Meanwhile, their house was also robbed. These things were the main cause of their separation.

David Goggins’ Relationship with Kate Goggins

Kate Goggins is the third wife of David Goggins.

David crossed paths with Kate when they both were running in a 100-mile race in the Colorado Rocky Mountains in 2009. Shortly after their meeting, they became good friends and soon they began dating.

kate goggins is attending a party and is wearing a blue one piece
Kate Goggins (Image Source: Pinterest)

However, the couple kept their relationship private for a very long time. But when Kate got pregnant with David’s kid, he had no option rather to reveal his relationship with Kate.

In July 2010, David got married to Kate Goggins in a private ceremony. Together they had two kids. According to some sources, Mr. David wasn’t happy about his marriage to Kate.

David Goggins’ Separation with Kate Goggins

After David Goggins got married to Kate Goggins, he had a hard time maintaining his personal life. Some say he wants to be happy being married to Kate.

Since David couldn’t find happiness in their marriage, he chose to part ways with Kate. The couple were married for two years before getting separated in mid-2012.

David Goggins’ Relationship with Jennifer Kish

Like David’s relationship with Kate, he kept his relationship with Jennifer Kish private as well for some time. According to his Instagram, he began dating Jennifer in early 2020.

Jennifer Kish is doing a photoshoot, wearing a sparkling dress
Jennifer Kish (Image Source: X)

However, he had already begun dating Kish after his separation from Kate. In September 2020, David shared his first picture with Jennifer Kish.

David Goggins and Jennnifer Kish also got engaged in 2020. They have been engaged for three years now.

David Goggins Children

David Goggins has been blessed with three kids from his two wives, Pam and Kate Goggins. Also, he is the stepfather to one of the children of Aleeza Goggins.

Mr. Goggins was blessed with a daughter with Pam, however, no more details about her have been disclosed.

David is also stepfather to Aleeza’s daughter from her previous marriage. Also, there is no information about her.

Lastly, David has been blessed with two kids, a son Cruz Goggins, and a daughter Emilee Goggins, with his ex-wife Kate Goggins.


Who is David Goggins’ ex-wife?

David Goggins had been married to three women, Pam Goggins, Aleeza Goggins, and Kate Goggins.

Is David Goggins married?

David Goggins was previously married but at the moment, he is engaged to Jennifer Kish.

Is David Goggins a millionaire?

Yes, David Goggins is a millionaire as he has a net worth of $5 million as of 2023.

What does David Goggin do for a living now?

David Goggins does public speaking most of the time, otherwise, he is an advanced emergency technician and wildland firefighter.

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