Who Is PJ Tucker Wife? Married Life, Kids, Profession, Age

Who is PJ Tucker wife

PJ Tucker wife is Tracey Tucker. She is a mother of three kids and also stands out as an engineer. Basically, Tracey is a versatile woman.

Tracey and PJ have been together for a very long time. They share a lot of common interests and often explore many different places with their kids.

In 2021, PJ Tucker won an NBA championship with the Milwaukee Bucks’. He also won championships overseas in the Israeli Super League in 2008 with the Hapoel Holon, the German League, and the German Cup with Brose Bambergin in 2012.

Tucker is known for his toughness, versatility, and defense. He is also a fashion icon and is known for his sneaker collection.

Mr. Tucker is a well-respected player in the NBA and is known for being a great teammate. He is also a role model for young players and is known for his work ethic and dedication to the game.

Tracey Tucker – Profile

  • Full Name: Tracey Nicole Washington-Tucker
  • Date of Birth: March 6, 1984
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Age: 39
  • Height: 5 feet 4 inches
  • Weight: 58 kilograms
  • Husband: PJ Tucker
  • Kids: King, Zoe, and Aaliyah Tucker
  • Social Media: Instagram
  • Last Updated: October 2023

Who is PJ Tucker wife?

PJ Tucker is a professional basketball player who currently plays for the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA. He is known for his defensive skills, hustle, and fashion sense.

But who is the woman behind this versatile player? Her name is Tracey Tucker, and she is a civil engineer, a project manager, and a mother of three.

PJ Tucker and his wife Tracey Tucker are at a restuarant, while enjoying their quality time together
PJ Tucker and Tracey Tucker (Image Source: Chron)

Tracey Tucker was born on March 6, 1984, in the United States. She was born under the sun sign, Pisces, and holds the nationality of America.

She is the backbone of the Tucker family, who helps PJ in every decision-making and also with financial stability. On top of that, Tracey also takes care of her three kids.

PJ and Tracey Tucker Met in 2008

PJ and Tracey met in 2008 when they were both attending the University of Texas at Austin. PJ was a star player for the Longhorns, while Tracey was studying civil engineering.

They slowly got close to each other and eventually became very close to each other. Tracey and PJ hit it off and started dating soon after. They shared a common interest in sports, music, and travel.

PJ and Tracey Tucker Married in 2011

PJ and Tacey dated for three years before stepping on to the next level of their relationship. Since they were both into each other, they soon wanted to get married and have kids.

Right after graduating from college, PJ and Tracey got married in 2011. They had a beautiful wedding ceremony in Austin, Texas, surrounded by their family and friends.

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PJ and Tracey Tucker exchanged vows and rings and celebrated their love with a dance party. They also had a honeymoon in Hawaii, where they enjoyed the sun, the beach, and the culture.

PJ and Tracey Tucker Share Three Kids

PJ and Tracey are proud parents of three adorable kids: King, Zoe, and Aaliyah Tucker. These three kids have enriched the life of the couple, with joy and pride.

Tracey Tucker and PJ Tucker are playing with their three kids, King, Zoe, and Aaliyah Tucker on the sofa
PJ Tucker children, King, Zoe, and Aaliyah Tucker (Image Source: X)

King Tucker

King Tucker is the oldest kid of the couple. He was born in 2012 and is 11 years old. He is a smart and energetic boy who loves basketball, soccer, and video games.

Oftentimes, King plays with his dad and learns from him. He also likes to read books and watch cartoons.

Zoe Tucker

Zoe Tucker is the second child of PJ and Tracey. She was born in 2014 and is nine years old. She is a sweet and creative girl who loves dancing, singing, and painting.

She often performs for her mom and makes her laugh. Zoe also likes to play with dolls and dress up and is also very close to her little sister, Aaliyah.

Aaliyah Tucker

Aaliyah Tucker is the youngest kid of the couple. She was born in 2017 and is six years old. She is a cute and curious girl who loves animals, flowers, and puzzles.

Mrs. Tucker is very close to her father. In time, she explores with her siblings and learns from them. She also likes to cuddle with her father and have a wonderful time.

Tracey Tucker is an Engineer

PJ Tucker wife, Tracey Tucker is not only a supportive wife and a loving mother, but also a successful engineer. She has a degree in civil engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, and she works as a project manager for a construction company.

Mrs. Tucker is eager about her career and enjoys solving problems and creating solutions. She oversees various projects such as bridges, roads, buildings, and dams. Tracey also coordinates with clients, contractors, engineers, architects, and other stakeholders.

Fact About PJ Tucker Wife

  • PJ Tucker’s wife’s age is 39 years.
  • Tracey is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs around 58 kilograms.
  • Mrs. Tucker belongs to an African-American race and has faith in Christianity.
  • PJ and Tracey have been married for 12 years as of 2023.


Is P.J. Tucker married?

P.J. Tucker is married to Tracey Tucker. They got married in 2011.

What does PJ stand for in PJ Tucker?

PJ stands for Pops Junior in PJ Tucker.

Who is PJ Tucker wife?

Tracey Tucker is the wife of the professional basketball player, PJ Tucker.