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lewis cine daughter and his parents

Lewis Cine daughter, Bella is taken care of by his parents. Likewise, Cine was a key member of Georgia’s national championship defense in 2022, and he was projected to be a first-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. The Vikings traded up to select him in the first round, and they are counting on him to be a difference-maker in their secondary.

Cine is a physical and athletic safety who is known for his hard-hitting ability to make plays in the backfield. He is a talented player with a lot of potential, and the Vikings are hoping that he can help them get back to the playoffs in 2023.

However, Cine suffered a leg injury in practice on August 9, 2023, and he is expected to miss the start of the season. He underwent surgery on August 10, and he is expected to be out for 4-6 weeks. This is a significant blow to the Vikings, as Cine was expected to be a key contributor in their secondary.

Despite the injury, Cine is still a player to watch in 2023. He is a talented safety with a lot of potential, and he could be a difference-maker for the Vikings when he returns from injury. Let’s dive into the article to know about Lewis Cine daughter and his family.

Lewis Cine Parents – Lewis Strength

Lewis Cine’s parents are the source of his strength. But when it’s coming to choosing between them, Cine is more toward his mother, Beatrice Seide. She was the sole reason behind his hard work and dedication to becoming a great player.

It all began when Lewis’s parents moved to Florida, USA from Haiti. At that time, he was already four years old and her mother was 20 years old. Lewis’s mother at the tender age of 16 gave birth to him and thus become the sole reason behind his strength.

From a young age, Beatrice took the responsibility of taking care of Lewis. She was taking care of Cine by herself as her husband lived far in Boston. So it was a harsh situation for the mother and son.

Cine Moved to His Father’s Place

Lewis lived with his mother for a very long time but after completing middle school, he moved to his father’s place. His father lived far from the home in Boston for the purpose of earning.

lewis cine is hugging his mother beatrice seide
Lewis Cine mother Beatrice Seide
(Image Source: Instagram)

And that’s when Cine’s life took a 180-degree turn as he was introduced to American football. He then began playing and started to get fond of it and slowly acquired the knowledge and skills. Now, he is recognized by many people and he is talked about by many peoples.

Lewis Cine Daughter was Born from his Mysterious Girlfriend

Lewis Cine’s daughter is Bella Cine. A cute and adorable child, to whom Cine has given the same worth as his mother, Beatrice. He can be seen loving and taking care of Bella on his Instagram account.

The professional American NFL player, Cine was at the end of high school when he was blessed with Bella with his mysterious girlfriend in 2017. At that time Cine was 18 years old and had nothing much to give to his daughter.

|”I wanted to name her after my grandmother because she was a strong, independent woman who always put her family first,” Cine said. “I wanted my daughter to grow up to be just like her.”|

Yet, his mysterious girlfriend refused to take off her newborn baby, and all the responsibility was transferred to Lewis. Without a second thought, Cine bear all the responsibility and began to walk in the better path to give a better future to Bella.

Who is Lewis Cine Daughter, Bella Cine?

Lewis Cine’s daughter, Bella, was born in 2017 in Texas. She is now six years old and is taken care of by Lewis’s mother, Beatrice, while Lewis is away for his American football games.

Bella has only been able to visit Lewis during his games a few times and barely gets much time to spend with Lewis. So, Lewis always tries to find excuses to spend time with his family, especially Bella.

lewis cine is loving his daughter bella cine
Lewis Cine lovely moment with his daughter
(Image Source: Instagram)

On April 7, Lewis got to meet his father after nine years. The whole family was gathered, including his sister, mother, daughter, father, and cousin. They had a lot of fun together and it was one of the best days for Lewis.

Here are some additional details about Lewis Cine daughter, Bella:

  • She is named after Lewis’ grandmother.
  • She loves to play with her dolls and watch cartoons.
  • She is a very smart and curious child.
  • She is always happy to see her father when he comes home from a game.

Lewis Cine is a very devoted father to his daughter, Bella. He loves her very much and always makes time for her, even when he is busy with his football career. And Bella couldn’t be more lucky to have such a loving father.

Bella is Taken Care of by Lewis’s Parents

Lewis is now in the NFL and it requires a lot of devotion and time in the NFL. So he hasn’t been able to take care of his daughter Bella. Things have been hard for Lewis but he doesn’t want his daughter to be in bad hands.

Thus, Cine has kept his daughter in the care of his mother and Bella’s grandmother. He barely gets to meet his daughter since he is busy with his games and other related things. But whenever he gets the chance to meet his daughter, it showers happiness.

People Also Ask

Who is Lewis Cine daughter?

Lewis Cine daughter is Bella Cine.

Does Lewis Cine have a child?

Lewis Cine has been blessed with a daughter, Bella Cine with his mysterious girlfriend.

What football player has the last name Cine?

The professional football player, Lewis Cine has the last name Cine.