Who is NBA Chris Anderson Girlfriend? All About Tina Wiseman

NBA Chris Anderson girlfriend Tina Wiseman biography and relationship timeline

Tina Wiseman, Chris Anderson girlfriend, is a versatile personality. She is a former model, digital photographer, movie director, and songwriter.

The couple Wisemand and Anderson have been together for a very long time. They have gone to various places and spent a lot of quality time together. The fact the couple have been together for over a decade now, tells a lot about their connection.

Similarly, Chris Anderson is a former professional basketball player, who gave his 19 years to NBA. He began playing in 1999 and took his retirement in 2017. During his basketball career, he played for 11 teams and last played for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

So, who is Chris Anderson’s girlfriend? Let’s explore the article to learn more about Tina and her relationship with Chris.

Tina Wiseman: Profile

  • Full Name: Tina Wiseman
  • Date of Birth: 1979
  • Birthplace: USA
  • Age: 44 years old
  • Height: 5 feet 5 inches
  • Weight: 57 kilograms
  • Boyfriend: Chris Anderson
  • Children: None
  • Social Media: None
  • Last Updated: December 2023

Who is Chris Anderson Girlfriend?

Tina Wiseman is the girlfriend of the former Cleveland Cavaliers center, Chris Anderson. She was born in 1998, in the USA, to Taiwanese parents.

Mrs. Wiseman is a very talented personality. She is a model, digital photographer, movie director, and songwriter. Besides that, people mostly know her for being in a relationship with Chris.

Chris Anderson and Tina Wiseman Met in 2013

The former American professional NBA player, Chris Anderson has been dating Tina Wiseman since 2013. But they encountered each other way earlier than that.

Tina Wiseman is showing her engagement ring
Tina and Chris’s engagement
Image Source: Pinterest

Chris and Tina met for the first time in 2009, when Tina helped Chris to make a Facebook fan page. Interestingly, the page has been running to date. Similarly, Anderson has been dating Tina Wiseman for over a decade now.

Recently, the couple got engaged, however, they haven’t uploaded many pictures related to their engagement. The fans are now eagerly waiting for their marriage.

Is Chris Anderson Married?

No, Chris Anderson hasn’t married but is in a relationship with Tina Wiseman. The couple have been together for over a decade now. Yet, they couldn’t have decided to get married.

There are also many rumors regarding them as if they have been married. Since they both like to keep their profile low, it might also be true.

However, Chris and Tina haven’t confirmed anything about their marriage. They are just spending quality time together and making their fans confused with lots of rumors.

How Many Children does Chris Anderson have?

Chris Anderson doesn’t have any children. He has been in a relationship with Tina Wiseman but they haven’t brought a new life in their life.

Yet again, there is a lot of speculation regarding Chirs Anderson’s son. Many say, Chris has few children with Tina Wiseman but hasn’t spoken about it.

What does Tina Wiseman do for a Living?

Tina Wiseman, Chris Anderson girlfriend, is currently a 44-year-old lady, who is spending her time as a homemaker, with Chris Anderson.

But before becoming a homemaker, Mrs. Wiseman was a model, digital photographer, movie director, and songwriter. Since she has been eating for a long time now.

However, Tina does have some net worth. As of 2023, Chris Anderson’s net worth is around $800,000.

Tina Wiseman: Overview

Chris Anderson girlfriend, Tina Wiseman is 44 years old and was born in the USA. So, she holds the nationality of America.

She has faith in Christianity and is of Taiwanese descent. Other than that, she has a pair of brown eyes and brown hair.


Q. Is Chris Anderson married?

A. No, the former NBA player, Chris Anderson isn’t married yet.

Q. Does Chris Anderson have a ring?

A. Chris Anderson has won the NBA Championship for once.

Q. What is Chris Anderson’s net worth in 2023?

A. As of 2023, Chris Anderson’s net worth is around $14 million.

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