Who is Rui Hachimura Girlfriend? All About Briana Delgado

Rui Hachimura girlfriend Briana Delgado biography and relationship timeline

Briana Delgado, Rui Hachimura girlfriend, is a fitness enthusiast, entrepreneur, social media influencer, model, and YouTuber. Besides that, she is also studying acting to pursue a career in the cinematic industry.

Rui and Briana have been together for two years now. For a year now, they have been living together in a Los Angeles apartment. Also, they have spent a lot of quality time together.

Similarly, Rui Hachimura is an American professional basketball player. He was drafted into the NBA by the Washington Wizards in 2019 and played for them till 2023.

In July 2023, Hachimura signed a contract worth $51 million for three years with the Los Angeles Lakers.

So, who is Rui Hachimura’s girlfriend? Let’s go through the article to learn about Briana Delgado and her relationship with Rui Hachimura.

Briana Delgado: Profile

  • Full Name: Briana Delgado
  • Date of Birth: May 21, 1997
  • Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Age: 26 years old
  • Height: 5 feet 5 inches tall
  • Weight: 57 kilograms
  • Boyfriend: Rui Hachimura
  • Social Media: Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, IMDb
  • Last Updated: December 2023

Who is Rui Hachimura girlfriend?

Briana Delgado is the girlfriend of the Los Angeles Lakers star, Rui Hachimura. She was born on May 21, 1993, in the United States. Briana is currently 26 years old.

Mrs. Delgado is a fitness enthusiast, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. She is also engaged in the beauty and fashion industry. On top of that, she has her own Amazon store, where she lists her favorite items.

As an entrepreneur, Briana has been selling fitness products like resistant bands, jump rope, and more through her website.

Rui Hachimura and Briana Delgado’s relationship timeline

The Los Angeles Lakers power forward Rui Hachimura and public figure Briana Delgado met for the first time through a mutual friend in early 2021.

The couple then started having conversations daily. Eventually, they started liking each other.

In mid-2021, Rui Hachimura started dating Briana Delgado. However, they kept their relationship private for some time.

Often, Briana started to see Rui’s games and supported him by the stands. Similarly, Rui and Briana have gone on several vacations together till now, and have spent quality time together.

After a year of dating each other, Briana moved in with Rui in his Los Angeles apartment. They have been living together for a year now.

Recently, the couple celebrated their second relationship anniversary. Having completed two years together, they surely have a strong connection.

Who are Briana Delgado’s parents?

Briana Delgado, Rui Hachimura girlfriend, was raised by her biological mother, Virginia Arevalos, and her stepfather, Juan Francisco Arevalos.

Briana Delgado is going to attend a party
Briana and Rui (Credit: Instagram)

Both of her biological father was born and raised in Mexico. Briana’s family moved to the USA, in search of better opportunities.

Similarly, Briana was small when her parents got divorced. So there is no information regarding her biological father at the moment.

Who are Briana Delgado’s siblings?

Briana Delgado has three sisters. She was raised in Los Angeles, along with her sister. However, she has kept information regarding her siblings private for the time being.

Briana Delgado’s academy journey

Rui Hachimura girlfriend, Briana Delgado attended John F. Kennedy High School in Los Angeles. She was active in sports and played multiple sports.

Mrs. Delgado played in the school basketball teams for four years. She also played in a travel ball team and coached the school’s basketball team.

In 2015, Briana graduated from her high school and enrolled in a college. At the same time she also started her fitness journey. She graduated from her college in 2018.

According to IMDb, Briana is studying acting at BoJess Christopher Acting Studio and wants to pursue her career in acting.

Briana Delgado career

In 2015, Briana Delgado, Rui Hachimura girlfriend, began her fitness journey. Slowly, she started posting fitness content on her Instagram. After posting for some time, her Instagram account exploded with thousands of followers.

According to IMDb, after getting a massive fan following, Delgado was offered photoshoots, and music videos, and also got chances to collaborate with many content creators.

Later, Briana began her own online store called Bootyful Queens, where she sells a variety of fitness products. Similarly, she also offers a list of her favorite items and products on her Amazon store.

In November 2020, Mrs. Delgado started her own YouTube channel named, Briana Delgado. Over the past three years, she has posted seven videos and has gained 1.01k subscribers.

What is Briana Delgado’s net worth in 2023?

Briana Delgado, Rui Hachimura girlfriend, is a versatile woman. She has been working in different industries like, fitness, beauty, fashion, and cinematic.

Briana Delgado is on the private plane and is smiling
As of 2023, Briana’s net worth is around $1.5 million
Image Source: Instagram

As of 2023, Briana Delgado’s net worth is around $1.5 million. However, her net worth is not publicly available and is speculated by her profession and career.


Is Rui Hachimura married?

No, Rui Hachimura is currently dating, Briana Delgado.

What is Rui Hachimura’s nationality?

The NBA player, Rui Hachimura was born in Japan and thus his nationality is Japanese.

Who is Rui Hachimura’s father?

Zakil Jabari is the father of Rui Hachimura.

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